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What do our patients say


"...... my association with "My Dentist" has been exceptional; from Gloria, the affable receptionist, to Patty, my gregarious, competent hygienist. However, my highest accolades go to Dr. A. Potluri, a perfectionist and "techno wizard" with dental implants. Dental care from this office is indeed provided with a genuine personal touch.  Marilyn A. /2010 


I have been a patient at “My Dentist” since 2007. I was referred by good friends and have been forever grateful. Dr Ajay and his staff are welcoming and professional. They make going to the Dentist an enjoyable experience. Two years ago I required a Dental Implant on my front tooth. The procedure went very well and I have had numerous compliments on my “beautiful teeth”. A big thank you to Dr. Ajay and his staff.

Judi .J, South Surrey, BC 


"I cant believe i lived with a partial for 10 years before getting Dental implants". 

I had looked into it a few times, but always the cost  stopped me – plus the time it would take to get one.  I lived with nightmares of losing it or having my partial break.   It took a holiday, breaking the entire partial (while in Acaupulco) the day before leaving on a 10 day cruise, to finally push me  into seriously researching implants.  I hated taking my teeth at  night, i hated the feeling of a foreign object in my mouth, i hated the way my mouth looked in pictures,  even though my partial looked  really good my smile had changed, I hated the smell of the partial (it has it’s own special odor); I hated hated hated my partial and how it made me feel inside. 

And now, I love my implants.  I love them more than my car, or a vacation,  or anything else that equalled the cost i invested in it.  I care for each little implant very carefully and with great love! The process was  simple and the results are fabulous – in how I look, and more importantly, how I feel.  I was referred to Dr. Potluri by my previous dentist. I enjoyed my visits to the 'Mydentist' and chatting with the great staff, the procedure was painless (it wasn’t that bad, not compared to some procedures I’ve had over the years – and I’ve had them all!). The cutting edge technology gave me confidence as I could see each step of the way on a computer screen!  But best of all, i dont feel  crappy about my teeth any longer and I don’t have nightmares about them.  My mouth has returned to its old  shape.  I can go on vacation and not worry about losing my teeth in  the surf, or having them break, or forgetting to put them  in (honest nightmares that i had on many occasions). 

Top 6 things I hated about having a partial:

1.Taking my teeth out at night

2.The change in my smile in photos

3.Nightmares of losing my partial and being stuck without front teeth

4.The uncomfortable feeling about a foreign object in my mouth

5.Feeling old way before my time

6.The smell of a partial 

Top 6 things I love about my implants:

1.My smile returned

2.My nightmares of losing my partial stopped

3.Never having to worry about being woken at night and running to find my teeth

4.Feeling the roof of my mouth without my tongue touching steel

5.Not feeling like an “old person with dentures”

6.Feeling like I had returned to what I was before!

Kim / White Rock, BC


"The decision to get implants took me a long, long time as  I had to overcome many mind blocks (the money, the perceived risk, the amount of time once again in a dentist’s chair).  I have had a bridge break after one month and then replaced with a partial, so was a bit leery about entering into another “arrangement in my mouth”.  I  love my implants – I wish I’d gone straight to them and never even got a removable denture;  I love not taking out my teeth at night; not worrying if I am going to lose them or misplace them,  or that my partial would break on a holiday.  It is the best money and time I’ve spent!”   K.S



I wish I had done this a while ago...

I had dentures for over 50 years ever since I was 16. I never knew about how you would lose bone if you do not have teeth or implants in your mouth. It came to a stage I could hardly keep my bottom denture in my mouth, forget about eating stake. I did a lot of research online and visiting a lot of dental offices. I was told, I need a lot of bone grafting that involves taking bone from my hip. I was told the success of the graft staying in is questionable and the whole procedure can take few months to one year. It involved not wearing my denture for some time. I was not ready to do that and started looking for other options.

I found Dr. Potluri on the internet and found his website very informative and interesting. After my first appointment I was told to get a CT scan of my jaw bones. Dr. Potluri created a 3D model of my jaw bone and virtually placed implants in to the Jaw bypassing the nerves and blood vessels. By creating a 3D model, he used every mm of bone available. The implant surgery did not involve any grafting and was a breeze, there was not much discomfort later. I wore my dentures right after the surgery and was eating regular food. I am glad I found him and I love my implant supported dentures which are rock solid. I finally enjoy my steak and enjoy going out with my friends. 

Rob, Tsawwassen.